Our Commitment to Quality

Always working with the "From Producer to the World" motto

Our Vision

To serve as a model for and a leader in our industry, both nationally and internationally.

Our Mission

To keep our consumers and customers informed about our industry, new products, developments, possible risks and opportunities.

To represent the pulse industry both at the national and international level.

To lead our industry and work to increase our market share in current markets and creating opportunities new markets.

To offer first-class products and services to both the domestic and international markets.

To enable and encourage our industry to act as a modern and mature sector with active participation by both management and corporations in the advancement of our industry.

Our Business Ethics

Respecting human health, human life, and the rights of our staff.

Respecting the environment and acting in a ecologically sustainable manner.

Treating all countries, regions, and people we work with equality.

Promoting management principles based on equality and participation.

Our Quality Commitment

Arbel S.A as our company operating in the pulses and grains sector; It adopts and undertakes the following principles as a policy on ensuring and protecting Food Safety, Environment and Occupational Safety. 

For “Quality and Safe Product”,to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP (Codex Alimentarius requirements), BRC, IFS and halal standards, and to ensure that all element sare carried out within the framework of the criteria required. To comply with the laws and regulations of our country and to take into account the legal requirements of the countries in which we sell and the customer special requirements when performing our productions.

To identify situations that endangers food safety, to make continuous improvement and to adopt theFood Safety Culture in our entire enterprise by making this duty the working principle of each personnel.

Producing our products to meet the nutritional needs of consumers in a healthy, balanced and delicious way.

Maximizing their satisfaction by offering high quality and safe products to our customers. To analyze customer feedback optimally, to evaluate and to ensure continuity of customer satisfaction by producing permanent solutions for complaints.  

Working with the awareness of our customers, employees, visitors, subcontractors to ensure health and safety.

Keeping the employee satisfaction at the highest level with the awareness that his / her employees maintain his / her presence with the workforce. To create a conscious, innovative and constantly developing staff by supporting educational activities.

Using all our resources in the most effective way, to follow the developments related to the sector, to work with the awareness of continuous productivity increase using modern technologies in our facilities and production process.

Meeting the requirement sof certified standards in the establishment, implementation and maintenance of the Quality and Food Safety system in the most appropriate way. To encourage continuous improvement and improvement of these systems.

Acting in accordance with respect for human, nature and all living beings in the production process and with the awareness of Environmental Health.

Producing 100% halal products and having no haram products in the products produced.

To create and develop the understanding of food defense with renewed training, Not to have imitation and adulteration products.

Placing the image of"good quality" for our products we produce in the domestic and foreign markets and to ensure its continuity, to be a leading and exemplary institution in our sector.